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PayPal Start Their Service In Bangladesh very soon 2016

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment gateways and has greatly facilitated online transactions, helping E-commerce platforms, freelancers and such to send and receive payments online. Sadly though, the service is yet to be made available in Bangladesh- which has been a major source of frustration for those who make their living through the internet. There is good news though- State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak is now in USA where he will attend meetings with PayPal officials and hopefully announce the service’s arrival to Bangladesh. Sources within the ICT Division have confirmed that Zunaid Palak will sit in a meeting with PayPal on Tuesday (Bangladesh time) at the company’s headquarters in California. The outcome of this meeting will decide whether or not the service will be launched in Bangladesh. Later, he will be in another meeting with PayPal regarding business legislations, infrastructural development and other pressing issues. Bangladeshi authorities, including BASIS and BCC have long been trying to bring PayPal’s service to the country. However, so far, the organization has not been too keen in setting up shop here. Initially, there were certain legislative restrictions for online payment gateways. However, even after those were removed, and several other payment gateways- Payoneer, AlertPay etc launched here, PayPal still remained unconvinced about Bangladesh as a potential market. However, the meeting with PayPal could be a hint that the firm has finally changed its mind and is considering setting up in Bangladesh after all. Here’s to hoping that the meeting with State Minsiter Palak will be fruitful, and he will be able to bring us good news like he has done many times before!

so 2016 will be the schedule of paypal to start service in bangladesh

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