SSC Exam Result 2020 – Dakhil Exam 2020 Result Published

SSC Exam Result 2020 – Dakhil Exam 2020 Result Published

করোনাভাইরাসের কারণে অনিশ্চয়তার মুখে পড়া এসএসসি ও সমমানের পরীক্ষার ফল প্রকাশ করা হবে ৩১ মে। ওই দিন সকাল ১০টায় গণভবন থেকে ভিডিও কনফারেন্সের মাধ্যমে ২০২০ সালের এসএসসির ফল প্রকাশ করবেন প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ হাসিনা। আজ বৃহস্পতিবার শিক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয় থেকে এই তথ্য নিশ্চিত করা হয়।

গত ফেব্রুয়ারিতে এসএসসি পরীক্ষা অনুষ্ঠিত হয়। তাতে মোট পরীক্ষার্থী ছিল প্রায় সাড়ে ২০ লাখ। স্বাভাবিক সময় থাকলে এ মাসের প্রথম সপ্তাহের দিকে ফল প্রকাশের কথা ছিল। কিন্তু করোনার কারণে তা অশ্চিয়তার মুখে পড়ে। এ অবস্থায় কিছুদিন আগে শিক্ষা বোর্ডগুলোর পক্ষ থেকে বলা হয়, চলতি মাসের মধ্যেই ফল প্রকাশ করা হবে। সেই লক্ষ্যেই প্রস্তুতি নেওয়া হয়েছে। পরীক্ষার ফল প্রকাশের প্রস্তুতি প্রায় সম্পন্ন করেছে শিক্ষা বোর্ডগুলো।


SSC Result 2020 Bangladesh Education Board Exam Result 2020 will be published this page. As a Result, You can download your exam result from this page. SSC Result 2020 when will be published then you can download this result our mobile SMS. For this, you need board code. So here we are found all education board code here. So you can get all education board of Bangladesh board code. If you getting the SSC Exam result by the secondary School Certificate android Mobile apps or  Offline mobile SMS, then you know how Board codes are important. In every getting the result, you need the board codes. We will be found all exam result here.


 CHeck your Results Here

SSC Result 2020

But Without this Education Board board codes, you won’t find your includes the SSC Exam result 2020 also. But If you want to collect your SSC result 2020 by online you must know the education board codes. Because you have to submit all education board code on the website from where you want to get you your result. Besides, Mobile SMS method also required those board codes. So, you get an idea about the importance of those board codes. As a Result, we are going to give you those all education board codes here.

SSC Result 2020 by Mobile Phone
Download SSC exam results now.Sometimes we can,t get our result by online. For this time all student,s be worried. This time, you can get your result by mobile SMS. Now we have given below this information how to given SMS. And how to get the result.

At first, go mobile message option and Tips

SSC<space>1st 3 letters of board Name< space>SSC Roll<space>2020 to 16222. For example, Imagine you are an SSC Examinee of 2020. Your Education board Name Dhaka and Roll number are 226699. Now follow the below format to get your SSC Result.

SSC DHA 226699 2020 and send to 1622 Number

Before Sending this Message you must have

You must need Prepaid Mobile SIM.

Must have Some Balance because par SMS  charge 2.37 Taka as SMS Charge (15% VAT and 3% SD Included)

You can send this SMS to  Publish the Result, But you got the result after 2.00 PM.

If you send  SMS, You will charge 2.37 Taka par SMS Charge with (15% VAT and 3% SD Included)

Get SSC Result 2020 by Android Apps

Now you can collect the SSC Exam Result 2020 by Android Apps. Most of the people now these days use Android Mobile phones. So, it will be a very simple way for download result by android apps. You can Download the Apps from Google Play Store. Google Play Store is a popular Apps Store for Android Softer. You can download the Result App from Play Store. Visit: and log in with Gmail ID and Password.  After completing login Process,  you will able to get Download the App. Now search with “Exam Result”.  And Install the Apps to get easily SSC Result 2020 from your Android Mobile Free Apps.Now open your mobile and click on Android App to collect your SSC Result 2020.After opening you’re, Android Apps Make sure that you Data Connection. You Must have open data Connection before launching this App. Now Select the Result Format. Then you can see some presses to this apps. Then Fill up this instruction. Now Enter your Board, SSC Roll & Passing year.  Now Click on the Submit button. This way you can download your SSC exam result 2020

SSC Result 2020 online system 

Now, we are given you how to get SSC Exam result 2020 by online. Online system result you can download our website. Here you can download all Board SSC exam result 2020 very easy way.  Now tell you all process about the SSC result 2020 online system. Now everybody knows, Online is handy now this day. Af first goes to our website and click SSC exam result 2020 any download education board link. After the click,  you can get a result format which we are showing you this page. Fill up there your sss option and your exam Board, SSC Roll No, Passing year and click to submit button.
You can get two ways to check your SSC result by online. You can download your result our website and another way is to the Android apps. But internet Connection must have two methods. You can check your result on education board website and our website or Android app. But, we suggest you checking your result on our website. Because here we submit all distinct result different way you can result easily. This way you can lot easier and simple ways. When will be published SSC examination result 2020 this link will be active. As a Result, you can download this result here.